1. incloudibly

    Linux & Windows VPS in Switzerland - DDoS protection - Pure SSD - DNS Hosting - 10 Gbps

    SWISSMADE.HOST is a privacy-focused dedicated server, VPS, cloud hosting, colocation and DDoS protection service provider that is located both legally and physically in Switzerland - the country that is renowned for its strict laws and regulations on privacy and data protection. We host our...
  2. R

    How to open port 80 in firewall

    After an update my domains on my unmanaged VPS are not working anymore. It seems that port 80 and 443 are closed and remain closed even after adding rules in iptables. Could there be anything else keeping those ports closed? My VPS is running centos-6-x86_64 Any ideas where to look?
  3. drmike

    Open Source Firewall / Gateway Recommendations

    Been a number of years since I last had a nice open source gateway device in place.    Used IPCOP prior and really liked it.  Was good for segmenting LAN, like throwing insecure stuff in a VLAN, wifi on another VLAN, etc. Going back to using something similar since time to segment experiments...
  4. M

    what if no firewall?

    I am new to linux/vps (though I know quite a bit) and familiar with windows desktop. From windows point of view, AFAIAK firewall software would control which processes have access to the internet/sockets etc. In linux vps, I am the only user (root) of the system and I can only install software...
  5. TruvisT

    [US ONLY] ESET Licenses

    I do believe that this fits the hosting industry as it offers security for all businesses and their networks :) SolidShellSecurity, LLC is now a proud partner with and because of that, we can resell licenses at discounted prices. ESET is backed fully by SolidShellSecurity, LLC and is...
  6. drmike

    No firewall? Meet ufw the easiest firewall ever

    For long I've been running Debian on VPS instance wide open or with a stack of iptables commands.   Been getting smacked by some bad traffic lately and after debugging all that, thought it was time for something a bit tidier and easier to deal with.  Yes iptables rocks, but it's a long learning...