1. drmike begging to be sued.

    Evolving issue here on my end. Made mistake of signing up with for domains.   At some point yanked the autobill PayPal crap they inflict upon folks.  I routinely purge nearly all of those in PayPal and intend on paying next go like a normal human. Get invoices in email with...
  2. drmike

    Servermania Ad Stalking and Visitors

    Draining Sales from other Lowendtalk and Lowendbox Companies Have you ever visited Servermania's website? Wondering why wherever you go online you keep seeing Servermania ads for dedicated servers of VPS packages? Seen such on Facebook, Youtube, random websites that run Google Ads? Odds are...
  3. MartinD

    WHMCS - Custom 'fraud' blocks module

    I was sure I had something like this coded before but I can't for the life of me find the damn code so I'm asking if anyone else has come up with this or knows someone that has. Basically, a simple module that allows you to enter certain expressions, text, patterns that the system will...
  4. drmike

    And for my next aerial assault, Belkin is getting it.

    Sorry, I am slammed today.   I did an unboxing with today's mail of my Powerline Adapter, a Belkin. This isn't a PowerLine technology at all.  It isn't even news per se.  But I haven't seen mention of the matter and I am wondering how these shitheads are allowed to be selling what they are...
  5. drmike

    Who uses Stripe for payments? Beware, they seem to not validate cards.

    Who around here is using Stripe ( for card transactions? Beware, while Stripe claims PCI-compliance and to be all secure, they fail to even do basic live authentication on accounts presented. I would say no way, not true had I not seen 4+ examples of this utter failure this morning...