full cab colocation

  1. ITivan80

    50% OFF Los Angeles COLOCATION - Colocation America

    COLOCATION AMERICA ( is the industry leader in enterprise level colocation hosting providing top quality services and features to our clients at very competitive prices. We operate out of 22 data centers around the United States, located in five major cities: Los...
  2. QuadraNet_Adam

    It's 2015, shouldn't your company be operating in Los Angeles already? 40A 120V Full Cabinet - $799 is definitely not the cheapest in LA, and there's good reason for that. Just the same, we are definitely not "expensive". Don't you think you should base your business on a datacenter that maintains margins appropriate to stay in business for the long term? We are debt-free and...
  3. QuadraNet_Adam - LAX, DAL, MIA Colo - 1U, 1/4 Cab, Half, & Full Racks - 1ST MONTH FREE

    Single Server Colocation - Valid in Miami, Dallas & Los Angeles -------------------------------------------------------------------- [] SINGLE SERVER 1U to 4U - 3TB TRANSFER [] Up to 1AMP 120V POWER USAGE [] 100 MBPS NETWORK PORT [] REMOTE REBOOT [] /29 IPv4 ALLOCATION [] PRIVATE VLAN [] 24/7...