1. HostSailor | Instant Setup NL Dell Servers | HP (NL) & Supermicro (RO) | @ $45 (15% OFF)

    HostSailor has established itself as a trusted provider of high quality VPS Hosting, Dedicated servers, Domains, and SSL Certificates with top notch support and impeccable reputation and also offers some of the most competitive pricing, without sacrificing on the quality of the products and...
  2. MartinD

    NodeDeploy - [DE] KVM and OpenVZ Specials!

    NodeDeploy* has been in business since early 2012 and is now part of the Xavvo Ltd family. Xavvo has been trading as a publically registered business since the summer of 2011. NodeDeploy are mostly known for KVM based VPS offers and this is no exception! As part of this acquisition we're going...