1. wlanboy

    Use Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other sync tool as storage for your git repros

    You do not need to run a git server to share a git repository between different stations. I like to separate strage & sync from the version control. You might see the advantage if you migrate from svn to git. You only need 4 steps to create a Dropbox or OneDrive [insert your storage provider...
  2. sundaymouse

    Make use of VPSB's git hosting service?

    vpsBoard has a free git hosting service, in case anyone forgets: There are only 14 public repos so far, why don't we go a little more? Here is a shameful example, based on an IRC legendary:
  3. Novacha

    Introducing the official vpsBoard git hosting service (free)

    In collaboration with @MannDude, I have set up a community git service, similar to GitHub. This service uses gitlab to provide project management and is run and hosted by @MannDude. The main intent of this service is to have a local, in-house way to host projects provided by the community...