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    Looking for a G-Mod server to run on VPS, Which host do I use?

    Hi, I am looking for a G-Mod server of mine to run on a VPS. Currently I am using VPS Dime and which they're very unreliable. I have a 6gb RAM, 10gb/sec Internet, and 4v Cores. I don't find their vps's to be incredibly fast and I am looking for a VPS that will run my garry's mod server very...
  2. OSTKCabal | Game Server Hosting | Minecraft @ $6 / GB | Source @ $0.95 / Slot | Rust @ $0.20 /

    Ready2Frag operates as the gaming and performance VPS branch of HostVenom, LLC. and operates under a DBA of HostVenom, LLC. in New York. We are proud to boast that we own our own hardware and IP space. All servers are colocated in our suite in downtown Chicago, IL. We utilize the Steadfast...