1. drmike

    Hostress Closing? Dumps former GVH customers.

    Email just received:  Dear Valued Customer,   We regret to inform our GVH customers that we can no longer serve you.  The model that the previous company had was not profitable and we can no longer float the debt.  At this time the servers are defaulted with our provider and will not be...
  2. drmike

    IT'S OFFICIAL - GreenValueHost is Closing and Jonny Nguyen is Leaving Hosting

    After tonight's WebHostingTalk ban of GreenValueHost, comes this press taken from: Jonathan Nguyen is leaving the hosting business and any shared / reseller customers are being handed over to Xfuse.
  3. C

    GreenValueHost Launches a New Scheme to Scam People Is there any limit to this guy's shamelessness?
  4. drmike

    Jonny Nguyen - GreenValueHost - Raided by Police.

    Posted over there by Mike Spears: Connect the dots, this is on the GVH website:
  5. drmike

    GreenValueHost becoming ColoCrossing, dumping providers, etc.

    Since GreenValueHost gets so much coverage and is assumed to have some clients, everyone should beware of the following that went out via email and was forwarded to me by a customer. Dear Valued Client, We are deeply saddened to inform you today of an unfortunate mishap that has occurred...
  6. drmike

    GreenValueHost outsources customer support to India.

    I've been watching the drama and incessant offer bombing from GreenValueHost over the past few weeks (over on that OTHER site) ..... These 30-100TB bandwidth plans with a dedicated server worth of RAM and upwards of 300GB of disk have my face bruised from facepalming. GVH = CC.  No doubt.  ...
  7. K

    GreenValueHost tells their non high paying clients to GTFO

    So I have received no prior notice, no offer for a refund for paid services, no chance to tell them I don't want my personal information given to another company... I don't feel much like a "Valued Customer" Also love the fact that I now have to update multiple customers nameservers because of...