1. drmike

    ToR allegedly compromised by mass of rogue nodes and Carnegie Mellon Researchers + FBI This isn't breaking news per se.  Happened back in 2014.   Details are what is breaking per se. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh "researchers" funded by the FBI allegedly were able to attack ToR network and collect real IPs...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Mr. Robot - New TV Show from the TV Channel USA

    So I saw this on Reddit's /r/linux and it got a decent laugh out of me. Anyways, it seems to be from the TV Show Mr. Robot that will be coming to TV on June 24th.  However, USA has released the pilot on youtube!  Watch it here! ...
  3. drmike

    GVH former head guy Eric Walstrom Charged for Hacking His High School Eric Walstrom, the self proclaimed big shit that kissed ass up and down the CC / HVH tree has been arrested.  The same bozo prior declared himself to have been a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, said he...