1. HalfEatenPie

    Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over 3TB hard drive failure rates

    Full Article: My only response to this is: lol.
  2. Jonathan

    50+ Used Western Digital RE4 500GB

    Been selling our old hardware on eBay and having decent success, but figured I'd give everyone here a chance at it.  All of these drives were pulled from working service and have since been formatting through DBAN and tested for bad blocks.  They're all in good working order. I currently have...
  3. Increhost

    [KVM] ASIA (LA) + LATAM (Miami) + EU (Germany) ¡¡ SUPER SPEED @ 30% OFF !

    Hi there, Welcome to INCREHOST !! thank you for stopping by !! - Get to Know Us - [ ] * Funded and runned by Geeks, we REALLY enjoy what we do !! * We have been online officially since 2005 (check our WHOIS). * Based in Montevideo / Uruguay (South America)...
  4. bigcat

    Share your server specs

    Following this thread with interest, now I'm curious about custom build server that you colocate. So lets bring your mightiest server to the battle and state the technical specs. B) Example Picture is a huge plus Ready made dedicated server user, please stay away :D