1. sOntVPS

    [ASK] VPS Business from HOME?

    Hey guys! Let's start at the beginning. I am an 23 years old System Administrator entrant, I am done with my schools recently. So I want to start my online business by selling VPS but I have so many questions about it. I have a few unused computers and I am wondering if I can make some bucks...
  2. Nikki

    Home Network Setup

    I'm pretty interested to see what other people have, I love complex home networks with a bunch of machines to handle whole-house streaming etc. Our network is pretty simple, just a basic Modem + Router + Home Server. Motorola SB6141 for Comcast, Asus RT-AC68W (White version of the AC68U -...
  3. fixidixi

    Work form home? Simple enough

    Working from home? Couldn't be more simple...