1. Rosalie

    HK DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers

    10G defense E3-12308GB500GB SATAUnlimited/5M1$458.00 E3-123016GB500GB SATAUnlimited/10M2$505.00 Dual Xeon E5-266064GB2x600GB SASUnmetered/10G/CN21$662.00 2x E5-267032GB2x480GB SSDUnlimited/10M2$740.00 20G defense E3-12308GB500GB SATAUnlimited/5M1$828.00 30G defense E3-12308GB500GB...
  2. sales@letsIDC.COM

    V&WEB ON SALE - 5% Off for Asia Servers!

    Don’t let your visitors in Asia wait forever for your site to load. Strategically locate your servers in Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, HongKong for fast and reliable connection. Connect to Asia today! Contact us for 5% discount! Dedicated Server: Taiwan Server starting from 60 USD I5 – 4440...