1. V

    Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    I was just dreaming about the future and thinking about things and just wondered, is hostbill really worth the cost?
  2. Richard Leik

    Buying Hostbill <4.6 Unbranded

    Hi all, I am buying owned, unbranded Hostbill <4.6. Please PM me your offer. Thanks
  3. drmike

    Hostbill Source Code Released and 0-Day Exploits Found

    Looks like the folks attacking SolusVM have added WHMCS and now Hostbill to their active radar. ----------------------------------- HOSTBILL SOURCE CODE:!xIEnDLKb!FQQ76xpWCDxOCa6PMO3HN0g0i0p6xeJfbLuuW1jSnZw Exploits spotted: 6 Exploits patched: 0