1. drmike

    Hostnun brand closing - consolidating into

    Looks like the Host Nuns are giving up their habit and moving on.   I think this is a good move. Host Nun has had its day and will be closing come the end of May. In short, HN clients will be transferred to my new initiative, Ellipsis Node: What does this mean for...
  2. drmike

    HostNun Abbey Violated by WHMCS Insecurity

    It appears tail end of October that HostNun was another, ehh victim of WHMCS insecurity.  Prayer probably isn't going to make things better in this instance. 1:HN-Matt:[email protected]:0d12d19d25f7a455a7f91166d365ca 2:HN-Laura:[email protected]:12a4e0bb36c4b9ae82a28f09b7572d...