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  2. wlanboy

    httpoxy A CGI application vulnerability for PHP, Go, Python and others

    httpoxy is a set of vulnerabilities that affect application code running in CGI, or CGI-like environments. It comes down to a simple namespace conflict: RFC 3875 (CGI) puts the HTTP Proxy header from a request into the environment variables as HTTP_PROXY HTTP_PROXY is a popular environment...
  3. R

    How to open port 80 in firewall

    After an update my domains on my unmanaged VPS are not working anymore. It seems that port 80 and 443 are closed and remain closed even after adding rules in iptables. Could there be anything else keeping those ports closed? My VPS is running centos-6-x86_64 Any ideas where to look?
  4. lbft

    Mozilla announces the death of unencrypted HTTP Mozilla has posted an announcement to their security blog that they are deprecating plain HTTP without encryption. They plan to do that by: Presumably nothing will happen until after Let's Encrypt's free certs are...
  5. wlanboy

    Using varnish as a http cache

    This is not a planned tutorial but a start of a discussion how low end vps can serve as web frontends. Many people like to use event-driven webservers like lighttpd or ngix other do prefer process-based webservers like apache. Both do have their advantages but only the first do have the image...
  6. wlanboy

    Small HTTP proxy (+ SOCKS)

    Sometimes it might be usefull to have a small http proxy running for a second browser window. My favorit http proxy is "polipo". It has a small footprint of 2MB. Installation is quite easy: apt-get install polipo The config files are stored in /etc/polipo There are two config files that...