1. DomainBop

    Host Europe Group's 123-Reg Screws Up Royally, Accidentally Deletes Scores of VPS

    The UK's largest host (according to their press releases), 123-reg, which hosts 1.7 million websites and has 800,000 customers, made a boo-boo and accidentally deleted 67 nodes containing hundreds of VPS. The company claims it wasn't that bad because "The fault was limited to 67 servers out of...
  2. drmike

    IPv4 Shortage, Blame Idiots like ColoCrossing.

    Next time you bitch and moan about IP limits from datacenters or complain about the cost increase for IPs, just think of my friends in Buffalo. Sometime in the past year I started paying attention to HE's BGP site.  On there is IPs Originated (v4). Back then CC was at oh a bit over 100,000 IPs...