1. HalfEatenPie

    Internap Datacenter - Colocation

    Howdy, I was wondering if anyone knew anyone or of a company that sells colocation inside internap's DC and network?  I would go direct Internap, however for a smaller deployment it's common knowledge they want you to go through a reseller.  Anyone know of a good reseller for internaps'...
  2. Awmusic12635

    FLIPHOST | Internap | E3-1230 | 16GB | $99

    Fliphost's aim is to provide powerful, yet cost-effecting hosting to our clients. We specialize in SSD based VPS hosting and now we have started offering dedicated servers. All of our servers are hosted out of premium data centers with bandwidth to match. We are fully IPv6 ready. Dedicated...
  3. Awmusic12635

    FLIPHOST | Colocation Starting at $49

    Fliphost is now offering colocation out of our Infomart Dallas location: Single Servers 1U 1A @ 110V 10TB @ 100mbit port /29 IPv4 /64 IPv6 $49/month ($15 setup fee) +$10/month for extra 1U (max up to 4) +$15/month for extra 1A (max up to 4) +$5/month for IPMI port +$10/month for 1Gbit port...