1. drmike

    DOJ vs. Apple over Terrorist Phone

    Evolving situation with the deceased killers in San Bernadino, California.  You remember these two gems that shot up their coworkers and killed a bunch of people at a work holiday party.  Loons hiding behind the veil of Islam, may I say wrongly. Well Apple is getting a dose of the DOJ in...
  2. S

    Does a Verizon iphone contract really cost this much?

    Hidee hi, I recently paid a visit home to Ireland to meet my brother while he was vacation. He lives in New York. When it comes to technology, he's waaay behind the curve. Never even had a mobile phone until some friends recently goaded him into getting an iphone. When he told me how much he...

    iPhone 5s is the best iphone since the last iphone

    New features that we could have added 10 years ago: 1) finger print reading 2) improved camera software. 3) iOS 7 4) A7 chip with 64 bit processing power (first phone to ever have one) 5) extra chip purely for handeling motion and GPS controls 6) more LTE bands (for better data speeds...