1. drmike

    Iran now to be US' Less Nuclear Trading Partner

    Iran tentative deal has been reached! Iran agrees to slow its nuclear program and allow inspections plus reduce it's weapon stockpile and exchange loosening of economic sanctions.  Read:  embargo. Elected...
  2. drmike

    Iran, you better run - .ir hosting in US ILLEGAL PART 2 - embargo breakers

    So, we remember the Iran hosting thread that blew up with some sad providers mad about it being a CC shill piece: Well, the topic of Iran hosting within the United States hit WebhostingTalk...
  3. drmike

    Justhost a US hosting company shuts down Iranian Opposition Website

    Proving yet again that hosting Iranian websites and selling related services isn't legal in the US, shut down an Iranian opposition leaders website. A letter shown to Reuters lists sanctions imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), under the U.S. Treasury Department...