1. J

    Chances of starting a successful WISP

    Hey Guys and Gals, With the holidays just around the corner, I have spent quite a bit of time with my folks at their house. The one thing I constantly hear is how bad the internet is. Now I have heard this from my parents as well as the neighbors.  They are in a rural area of Maine, US and...
  2. drmike

    Satellite Internet, anyone using?

    Anyone here using a satellite internet provider currently or recently? Looking around for options / alternatives.  Appears the providers have stepped things up quite a bit with more speeds and larger use on plans.   Exede most notably. I don't expect fiber-like latency and quality, just an...
  3. drmike

    Kansas City, Missouri Based Datashack gets into Gigabit Municipal ISP Business with FREE Services

    Datashack, a company best known for cheap colocation and cheap dedicated server rentals is diversifying. North Kansas City leaders inked a 10-year deal with Datashack to operate the municipal owned fiber network liNKCity. For a one time fee of $100 for 100Mbit or $300 for 1Gbit customers get...