1. A

    Want to print version after maven build in jenkins in public folder for react app

    I have a react app for which the jar file is created using pom.xml in jenkins. The jar file name is something like - appname-1.0.0-20220728.062644-65.jar From above example, i am providing 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT as version in pom.xml file,the snapshot value is being generated from other scripts which is...
  2. vpsrus

    Having a hard time with Lantronix

    For the moderators: This is my fist post on vpsBoard so I don't know if the subject belongs to this category or not, if not please move to the right one. The new DC that we are working with offered KVM to install and configuration of our nodes, it happens that they use the Lantronix Spider...
  3. Amelia

    What is the use of Java in hadoop?

    Hello guys, Need some suggestions. What is the use of Jave in hadoop? Kindly suggest. Thank you,
  4. drmike

    Java hell in Linux land - who has current manual?

    I run Linux on the desktop.   For a long while I kept one workstation for dealing with Java needed things.  That workstation is no more as "security" blocks Java due to old version and potential for holiday at the waterpark that would ensue. Needing to run Java (yeah I hate it and always have)...
  5. wlanboy

    How to run Java servlets on a small vps

    I really like Ruby but sometimes you need/want to run some Java apps on your vps. This is quite easy because you can strip down the Java VM to use quite a small amount of RAM. But if you need to support servlets, websockets, JMX or JNDI lookups you need a container, or at least a servlet...