1. Jade

    OVZ Starting @ $4.50 - $7.00 | Owned Hardware | Jacksonville, FL | NodeServ, LLC

    Hello! Jade from NodeServ here wishing you all a happy holidays, and a safe new years, with that said we want to offer you with some very special holiday deals. About Us: NodeServ was founded in August of 2013 and is a registered corporation in the State of Florida. We started out with a...
  2. Jade

    [JAX, FL] OpenVZ 40% OFF for LIFE! | Starting at $2.39 | IPv6 | - NodeServ

    About Us: NodeServ was founded in August of 2013, with a mission to provide the best low budget services with the best quality possible. NodeServ utitlzes some of the best equipment out today, with that we can offer clients with the best possible hosting services. We utilize some of the most...