1. wlanboy

    Build simple web interface for redis key/value store

    This is my second post for php based projects. My first thread is about an IoT plattform for Ardunio clients. This post is about creating a simple web interface for a redis key/value store. If you want to install your own redis database you can use this tutorial:  I will use following...
  2. wlanboy

    Suggestions for push content to http clients

    Our sports club is hosting quite a big tournament and we want to provide live coverage. I want to build something that can cover this and I am looking for some input. There are quite some options for this scenario: Static pages: git commit -> git pull XMLHttpRequest Web sockets Messaging...
  3. wlanboy

    Looking for a JS based chart framework

    During the last years my scripts collected a lot of ping/traceroute and tweet information. After some tests I decided to use Chart.js to create charts out of this information. The results do look good (e.g. my ping graphs) but there is one drawback. This framework is using canvas elements with...