kansas city

  1. BrianAnderson

    Big Offers! USA Kansas City / Europe Istanbul - 50% Discount! or x2 RAM and $25 SAVE!

    Hostigger has been providing web hosting, reseller, virtualization and server solutions since 2015. Aiming for 100% customer satisfaction, Hostigger continues to provide uninterrupted service to its customers. Hostigger continues to offer thousands of virtualization solutions and hundreds of...
  2. drmike

    Datashack (Kansas City) has stopped selling colocation

    Popular cheap hosting provider Datashack appears to have discontinued colocation services. The former navigation items for colocation have been stripped from their site.  The old URL now redirects to dedicated servers. Datashack was popular for cheap...
  3. drmike (Kansas City) To Migrate Colo Customers with 1 Day Notice

    Unsure what is going on at Datashack in Kansas City.   It appears they are moving out of their North Kansas Datashack facility which is only a few years along now. Customers received this email today:
  4. HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7

    [US/EU] WebUp 24/7 - SH starting at $10/Year or $9/Month - RH starting at $18/Month

      About WebUp 24/7 WebUp 24/7 is a web hosting provider comprised of talented developers and much more. All of us at WebUp 24/7 are a lot like you, making it easier for us to understand and deliver exactly what it is that you need. Read more --> Datacenters At the moment we are located in two...
  5. ocitysolutions

    Ionity Transfers KC Customers to Batts

    Just received this email for a few rented servers we had with Ionity in Kansas City. We had never heard of Batts Communications Services before this.
  6. drmike

    Kansas CIty VPS Wanted

    Looking for recommended providers in Kansas City or very close by. OpenVZ will suffice.   No exotic specifications needed.  Low RAM 256MB or less.  Low disk (10-20GB).   Reasonable transit (400GB+ per month). Very interested in annual or quarterly style offers. Anyone here with offers there...