1. wlanboy

    Linux 4.8 changes to improvements the ARM architecture

    Allwinner: Allwinner A10/A20 – Display engine clocks (TCON, FE, DE), I2S audio interface (ASoC) driver, added NFC node to DTS Allwinner H3 – Clocks (through sunxi-ng), USB multi-reset lines support AXP2xx driver – External drivebus support, AXP223 USB power supply support, AXP809 PMIC...
  2. Geek

    [OpenVZ] RHEL5 Kernel Branch End of Life

    I doubt anyone here is crazy enough to be screwing around with UBC knobs and parameters ... but if you have an intimate relationship with "Burst RAM", OpenVZ is about to break up with you. Though it's pretty painless to make...
  3. lbft

    RHEL 7 beta released

    Red Hat have announced that RHEL 7 beta is now available for those with subscriptions. I doubt too many people here have Red Hat subs but this is stuff likely to be in the final RHEL 7 and thus the next major releases of Centos, Scientific Linux, etc. Some interesting changes: dropped 32 bit...
  4. K

    iptables replacement incoming?

    I've been watching this for a bit recently and it looks like a great replacement. Anyway, saw it pop up in a new feed ^_^ How many are rolling 3.xx kernel atm on their nodes? "NFTables is a new firewall subsystem / packet filtering engine for the Linux kernel that is poised to replace...