1. A

    RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC and AFRINIC IPs for lease | Different Class IPs | LOA Available

    Hello, We have a lot of different IPv4 subnets in RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN and APNIC. Legacy space available as well, for any region! No justification is required. Spamming is NOT allowed. You can reach us over HERE or directly at alex[at]! Dedicated servers with large IP allocations...
  2. William

    host1plus / DIGITAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES - Premium IP hoarding (proof inside)

    Would have posted on LET but they probably ban me for it... So, here is our all time favourite ZA/BR host host1plus - which also advertises here - sort of exposed as *THE* IP hoarder in the market. Everytime i tried to post this or similar as comment under a LEB post from them it got deleted...
  3. drmike

    No more IPs for Latin America and Carribean

    Source: Latin America and the Caribbean have entered the IPv4 exhaustion phase; the delay in deploying Internet Protocol version 6 in our region is cause for concern. La Casa de Internet de Latinoamérica y el Caribe...