1. AuroraZero

    A scenerio and a question for everyone

    Back in 2008 I purchased a lifetime license to a piece of popular software. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I got sick and went through a divorce and some other things, I was unable to use said software. I also lost the licensing details of it. Things like this do happen. So I contacted...
  2. TruvisT

    [US ONLY] ESET Licenses

    I do believe that this fits the hosting industry as it offers security for all businesses and their networks :) SolidShellSecurity, LLC is now a proud partner with and because of that, we can resell licenses at discounted prices. ESET is backed fully by SolidShellSecurity, LLC and is...
  3. Licensecart

    ★★★ Licensecart ★★★ Blesta Licenses from $8.50! ★★ Best Price! ★★ Blesta Services ★★

    ★★★ Who Are We? ★★★   Licensecart was founded on 20th June 2013 to provide our customers the best licenses and support, and Licensecart was started to sell Blesta licenses, however we will be selling more licenses in the future. Licensecart is part of CubicWebs.   ★★★ A bit about Blesta ★★★...