1. drmike

    Lightweight tiny 1x1 pixel web server

    So I am finally getting my goofy setup for filtering, proxying, privacy, etc. in order. Lots of blocked elements which I return DNS value. Instead of seeing random blocks of text, browser errors, etc.  Would like to serve up a 1x1 pixel instead. So question for the collective brain...
  2. wlanboy

    Running a lightweight GUI on your vps

    Even on a low RAM vps you are able to run a desktop environment. If you do have a lot of free RAM you can even run desktop apps and IDEs like Eclipse on your vps. I use my KVM vps to have a portable and accessable Ruby and Java development environment. One of the desktop managers that do have...
  3. fixidixi

    Which lightweight self hosted remote monitoring script would you recommend?

    Hy, I've read this topic and did the ususal google search, but I'd be interested in your recommendations: I'm looking for a lightweight self hosted remote monitoring script which would generate a static uptime report. Report should only include if the node/service ip is up/down. Goodie: if...