1. eva2000

    DigitalOcean versus Linode versus Vultr Benchmarks

    Hey guys thought I'd share my DigitalOcean vs Linode vs Vultr benchmarks I just did using my own benchmark script, :) Full results at :D Still trying to...
  2. sv01

    $50 Linode Promotional Credit

    Linode Coupon code BOOTSTRAPPEDFM To get these $50 promotional credit add atleast $5 to your linode account. CC (Credit Card) only. my referral code : d3048ee2f16873f91407b67e2ff2bf2513100a93 $50 enough for 5 month service at Linode (Linode 1024) Only $1/month for real. LOL  
  3. Kris

    Behind the Linode Hack?

    This is at the top of YCombinator, from other drops that included all of imageshack, seems like it could be legit, thoughts? Didn't give it much thought until I saw a mirror of the last one: