low latency

  1. Exelion

    E3-1230v3/16GB/2x2TB/33TB/Gigabit/Dallas/100% Uptime, $99/mo, 2x240GB SSD $115/mo

    --- Attention to those who just got burned by the recent string of host failures: Call or email us, we will try to match or beat what your previous host offered you. We want to help. --- Call us: 1-844-393-4968 Email us: [email protected] Chat with us: #exelion on Or just visit...
  2. I

    Low Latency Networking Across USA

    I have a project which requires low latency access to cable/dsl providers in USA.I need recommendations for virtualized(LEB and non-LEB) and dedicated server providers which are hosted on datacenters which have low latency upstreams(directly peers preferred) to most used cable/dsl providers like...