1. A

    Looking for lowend VPS within EU

    Hi, I'm looking for a lowend VPS within EU. XEN or KVM, 2vCPU+, 2GB+ RAM, 35GB+ HDD, 1000GB+ BW , anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  2. drmike

    Q3 2014 Lowend Provider Results

    Sure a few people are wondering about the Q3 2014 LE* provider poll results. Like past few I've tallied the numbers.  There are some catches.  I threw a few votes where people couldn't count to 5... I think there were maybe 3-4 voters outright with problems.   Further changes will be factored...
  3. drmike

    ColoCrossing / VSNX Starts it's Hostile Takeover of the LOWEND VPS Market

    It's official, ColoCrossing just made an offer for lowend / low priced VPS packages.  This move puts ColoCrossing directly in competition with the slews of VPS companies that rent dedicated servers from CC for selling VPS offers. The offer is via the Hudson Valley Host brand, which last week...
  4. drmike

    96MB and smaller lowend VPS packages - the offer list

    Looking to compile a list of companies / offers still out there for 96MB and smaller packages.   No cost limits, terms don't matter, just that I can order them today. What does everyone have to recommend? --------------------------------------------------------------- Current Offers: 0-31MB...
  5. V

    ultra lowend colo (colo offers less than $20/m)

    If there are dedicated servers less than $20/m- I don't see any reason why colocation cannot break that price barrier. Please list any colocation providers offering in this range. Thanks!
  6. V

    ultra lowend dedicated (with dedi offers less than $20)

    OVH (kimsufi line) - only for France residents delimetervps (with 5$ atoms) Almost Datashack ($25 lowest offer) Any other dedi providers? And which offers can you recomment? Thanks!
  7. concerto49

    Any interest in these 64MB plans?

    Considering releasing these 64MB OpenVZ VPS plans. Looking for feedback. If popular, will push them out in a couple of hours. Location will be Los Angeles (MultaCOM).   1 CPU (E5-2630L) 64MB RAM / 32MB VSwap 5GB RAID10 HDD (SSD-Cache) 200GB Bandwidth @ Gigabit   What would prefer...