1. drmike

    I won COUPONS on the Lowendbox slot machine

    One of those ha-ha moments... 
  2. drmike officially links themselves to common machine gun shill offers on Lowendbox

    Today's LEB offer for turned the / Chris N / Servermania corruption up a notch. = a prior old thread about companies... There are others on here where I tracked them earlier to nesting companies in other folks names, employees, family members, etc.  All...
  3. Jono20201

    OrbitServers || 128MB VPS - $6/semi-annually || Phoenix, AZ - Buffalo, NY

    Hey VPSBoard,   Orbitservers has been in business nearly a year, and is owned and operated by MPSERV LLC, a company that started out hosting game servers over two years ago. With a proven track record of lightning fast 24/7/365 customer support, 99.9% Uptime, quality hardware, we are quickly...
  4. drmike

    Lowendbox is a corrupt marketplace

    This is another piece of original research you are only going to see on vpsBoard. If you've been in this market sector for more than a few days, you probably are familiar with the Lowendtalk website.  If you are a provider you probably also are aware of the prolonged delays in seeing your...
  5. drmike

    Ad pulled from LEB --- SeFlow – €24/month 16GB RAM i5 CPU in Milan, Italy

    Anyone notice the Italy based dedicated servers from SeFlow on Lowendbox? Yes, pretty low pricing and DDoS protection included. The offer went bye-bye though. What gives? Is this the new way to handle posts on LEB?  Make the offer, get some sales, then have it deleted? High strangeness.