1. drmike

    Servermania Ad Stalking and Visitors

    Draining Sales from other Lowendtalk and Lowendbox Companies Have you ever visited Servermania's website? Wondering why wherever you go online you keep seeing Servermania ads for dedicated servers of VPS packages? Seen such on Facebook, Youtube, random websites that run Google Ads? Odds are...
  2. drmike

    Analysis of LowendBox Offer Tags

    Rallias chunked out some code to analyze tags applied to offers.  The tags are applied to the very top of each offer by LEB moderators/publishers.   For example, the current top of the heap offer from BlueVM bears the following tags: atlanta, BlueVM.Com, buffalo, chicago...
  3. drmike is another Chris Niedojadlo and ServerMania shell company

    So today's offer on Lowendbox is This is a company with no history in LET/LEB/vpsBoard communities. Whois info is private and previous domain registration info was also private. A check of the WHMCS license reflects Net3/Chris Niedojadlo, again.  But naysayers will claim he's...
  4. drmike

    How not to run a company and public relations - ChicagoVPS

    Colocrossing has the house VPS front company running for, oh three days now as the last offer. No offer bias on LowEndBox :)  Yeppers, ChicagoVPS is lingering like a rotting corpse in the summer sun.  Total stop action public trainwreck. The comments on the LEB offer are horrendous and Fabozzi...
  5. drmike is DOWN seems down for me. Error establishing a database connection