1. drmike

    Lowendtalk/Lowendbox 2nd Quarter 2014 - *Unofficial* Top VPS Provider Results

    Like the past few LET/LEB quarterlies, here I go again... These are the unofficial result totals for the Q22014 Lowendtalk Top VPS Provider voting that closed earlier today (albeit 30+ hours late). +---------------------+--------+-------+----------------+ | name | points |...
  2. drmike

    Q4 2013 Lowendtalk Top Provider Poll Results

    Congratulations to: RamNode, Prometeus and Iniz for their in order top vote getting for Q4 2013 LET Top Provider Poll.
  3. drmike

    Lowendbox is a corrupt marketplace

    This is another piece of original research you are only going to see on vpsBoard. If you've been in this market sector for more than a few days, you probably are familiar with the Lowendtalk website.  If you are a provider you probably also are aware of the prolonged delays in seeing your...
  4. drmike

    Jake on Lowendtalk is a thief.

    So, I get done putting my time in sourcing information on the Root Level over here: All totally ORIGINAL information that I sourced. Then this "jake" character runs the story over to LowEndTalk and rips it...
  5. D

    How do you feel ? 7 Limit gone

    Hi, How are you guys feeling here selling your stuff ? Whats the response. I feel at least it does not has the limit of 7 for every offer and it is now taking VPS industry back to providing quality service rather than fighting over who sells at minimum. I appreciate Catalyst Host who actually...
  6. drmike

    MannDude banned from LET?

    What is going on over on LET?  See MannDude's account is disabled, but his posts still showing. What happened Curtis?  You poke them with your kosher stick about the Iran, Irun, we flip the US Treasury Department stuff again :) ? Aren't we all overdue on demanding our content/contributions be...
  7. Marc M.

    LowEndTalkin' is back - this time we did it right

    Looking at how many community members from LET miss the old LET and what it used to be, a week ago I've tried to quickly set up LowEndTalkin'. Of course, it was a rushed job so it didn't work right and I took it down. So I started from scratch and with one of my coworkers we've set up...
  8. Marc M.

    LowEndTalkin' - LET is back - sort off - check it out!

    Alright, so after some thinking and thinkering I've set up LowEndTalkin' for the folks who miss the layout of LET and Vanilla Forums. You can check it out here: Who's running this? Well me, MannDude (who's also running this forum), Jarland, Nick_A, KBeezie and MitGib...