mail server

  1. R

    A ready to use multi-domain mail server with GUI management, Roundcube webmail, IMAP and POP

    Hi, I am happy to announce the release of the Flockport mailserver which makes it easy for end users to deploy a mail server in any VPS (except OpenVZ) See the video walk through. Just like the mail server Flockport has containers of popular web apps that basically let users launch and use...
  2. Amitz

    Anyone ever tried iRedmail for own Mail Server Setup?

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone of you ever tried as a personal Mail Server Solution instead of installing and configuring everything by hand? I would highly appreciate your opinions and experiences! Kind regards -A
  3. drmike

    Help wanted for technical how-to tutorial for Debian 7 mail server

    Looking for someone to do a complete and reproduce-able tutorial for a mail server solution for Debian 7. The tutorial should cover a standard open source mail package and allow for multiple users and multiple domains.  Additionally, it should handle standard IMAP/POP3/SMTP and have web based...