1. Geek

    OpenVZ to become "Virtuozzo Core" after PCS Merger Announcement

    From Kir Kolyshkin's Blog: Looking forward to 2015, we have very exciting news to share on the future on OpenVZ. But first, let's take a quick look into OpenVZ history. Linux Containers is an ancient technology, going back to last century. Indeed it...
  2. sundaymouse

    Previously acquired is merged into Virtora, Jack departs

    It was a while ago when (previously owned by Mr Jack Septhon, known on the other forum as Jack007), was acquired by Mr Oktay Kilic, commonly known as ispirto or serverian.'s index page:
  3. Pmadd

    Neosurge and CyberLynk Merger

    I just recived this form neosurge announcing a merger with CyberLynk. What do you guys think about this? is growing and has merged with CyberLynk Network, Inc. Along with our growth and merger; we are making a serious investment in the company to grow it even further. In the...