1. MartinD

    miniVPS has been sold.

    A few of you that I speak to regularly already know about this but as of this afternoon/evening, it will become official. I had been considering such a move for a while now and felt the time had come to draw a line under this particular project. I can now spend a bit more time with family...
  2. MartinD

    [UK] - miniVPS - SSD KVM - Excess Stock Special!

      Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for special offers not available anywhere else! Why miniVPS? We operate all of our own hardware in 3 UK locations; Turing house in Manchester, Reliance House in Newcastle and Rapidswitch in Maidenhead. We also utilise our own IP addresses in both...
  3. MartinD

    [miniVPS] Excess SSD VPS Stock!

    I've got some excess SSD VPS stock from a server we still have left in OVH. So, no fancy topic, no fancy post.. just the facts: 25GB Disk Space (SSD) 1 GB Ram (vSwap) 400GB Bandwidth (can increase as and when required) 1 x IPv4 address 10 x IPv6 addresses