1. ikoula

    A nice nas offer would be....?

    Hello, As you may know we have launched a NAS offer based on Synology technololgy a couple of months ago, things go pretty well and we will soon offer new models. i'd like to know which hardware could you be interested in : what processor frequency, how much ram, how much space ?  Greetings
  2. ikoula

    [New ikoula service] Synology Diskstation DS115j 2Tb 100mbits 14.99€/Month

    Hello, i agree that is not a dedi but the usage is so close i allowed myself to post it here, if that's not right be my guest Mr moderator and move it :) We offer a new storage service based on Synology Diskstation DS115j Specifications -Marvell Armada 370 processor -256 MB Ram -2 TB...
  3. HalfEatenPie

    Android Phone Full Regular Backups

    Howdy folks! So recently there was a situation where a phone we had lost all of it's pictures via user error (User deleted all of their pictures accidentally when they wanted to delete one picture).  So I'm doing what I can to try and do data recovery, but it's not going too well (Recuva's...
  4. TruvisT

    HP MicroServers

    Anyone else have or used them? We have been grabbing them when we find great deals on them and using them for local businesses. They are great little system. You can pack up to 16GB in them and throw in a RAID 10 or 2xRAID 0,1 with an optional SSD drive in place of the optical drive. You can do...