1. ICPH

    iptables interface forwarding, want to block bogons

    Hello, my aim is to block so called "bogons" ( I will do it thru ipset (probably with hash:net parameter as the total number of IPs is few hundred million) But i need to block it on proper interface, because my server host few virtual servers whose...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Networking Resources

    Howdy folks, So recently I've been working on getting to know more about Networking and routing.  However, anyone have some good resources starting from Networking for Dummies to some more advanced stuff?  I'm definitely assuming the certificate books from Juniper and Cisco could probably be a...
  3. MannDude

    $46.7 Million Stolen From Networking Firm Ubiquiti in Unidentified Hack

    The full story can be read here: It appears their finance department was specifically targetted and that staff fell victim to phishing attacks in which they gave up account information that...
  4. Xenfinity

    Problems with WiFi

    Is it just me, or is WiFi highly unreliable perhaps about 40% of the time 20% of the time? At home, WiFi is reliable for about 80% of the day, but when it isn't, it's on and off, around 40% and 60%, respectively. During this unreliable time, I get results that can look like...
  5. MannDude

    Why does eth0 keep resetting?

    So trying to network two local Linux machines (Desktop PC to my Raspberry Pi), should be relatively simple for what I want but I keep encountering a problem. I've assigned both PCs a local IP (sudo ifconfig eth0, on one PC the updated settings 'take hold' and remains. On the...