1. Servers4You

    Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5 | Servers4You | New York, US

    Servers4You has recently launched a brand new site design, along with this, a brand new line of Dedicated Servers. Regardless of what you are looking for, Servers4You has the right type of server for your needs. If you require something that isn't publicly offered, we are just a quick form away...
  2. M

    New Youtube Interface! (2015)

    Headline says it all! Go, check it yourself! Some top Features: New Sleek Transparent panel Clean/ White based. Here is a snapshot:
  3. drmike

    Crunchbang Linux is Back!

    I know a lot of the folks around here were fans of Crunchbang distro... for older hardware, minimalist GUI, etc. Crunchie tossed in the towel earlier this year.  For a long time the dev and releases were really delayed. Someone else has picked up Crunchbang and running with it for the future...
  4. fizzyjoe908

    VaporNode releases new website and services!

    After nearly two years of a mediocre website that has been significantly outdated for the past year - VaporNode has released one that is brand new! The site is fully responsive and ready to be indulged by all. It can be viewed at our URL here: https://vapornode.comPlease critique it as you see...
  5. fixidixi

    The new year thread

    Hey, I'm going off to party and wont sit down to a computer to greet, so.. Happy new year everyone (I'm in CET so its still a few hours.. :) )
  6. drmike

    Up and Coming VPS Providers You've Been Happy With Recently

    We all know about the staple go to's in the lower end of the VPS industry.  Companies like Prometeus, BuyVM, RamNode, Hostigation, ipxCore and SecureDragon. I want to hear about new providers you've been impressed with recently.  Perhaps a new company or a new offer?  Or maybe a panel or...