north carolina

  1. qps

    QuickPacket hiring data center techs (Charlotte, NC area)

    QuickPacket is seeking qualified candidates for a data center technician position in Charlotte, NC. The primary focus of the position will be data center tasks (building and provisioning servers, rack and stack, cabling, OS installs - Linux and Windows, configuring of routers/switches, other...
  2. BBGN Brian

    BBGN> Dual Intel Quad Core E5620 48GB RAM 2X2TB w/ HW RAID > $85/m > VWMARE OPTIMISED

  3. drmike

    Dacentec Launched New Website

    New website launch by Dacentec. Big thing is the many different servers now seemingly being offered.  A few are rental only.    Some bigger RAM boxes too. Their site redirects to:
  4. HalfEatenPie

    Dacentec New Price Schemes - Lowers Costs - Rent Only?!

    So Dacentec recently sent this email.  I removed the link (because I don't know if they want to hand it out or not?), but they're now selling Dual L5520s for 60/month on a rent-only model.  There are one-time buy-downs, which are $50 up-front cost for -$5 monthly, $100 up-front cost for -$10...
  5. drmike Continues their Implosion!

    Confirmed this with others, isn't just a fake email., known for being cheap colo option, appears to be changing lots.  They are kicking colo clients out or you get moved to some random unnamed Tier 3 Data Center in North Carolina. The also claim to be the only provider that doesn't...
  6. fizzyjoe908

    [Lenoir] Semi-Managed OpenVZ VPS From SRSNode - Starting at $8/month!

    Hello, SRSNode is a new OpenVZ VPS provider that offers VPS services out of Lenoir, North Carolina with free semi-management. Additionally, our technical staff have a combined 10+ years in the virtualization industry. We plan to bring our expertise to SRSNode to grow it into one of the...