open source

  1. drmike

    LAN based VOIP solution OPEN SOURCE Linux

    I am working on a bigger extended LAN project - think neighborhood level. Trying to find something that does VOIP-like calling, ideally without a central server. Peer to peer would be ideal.  Something with calling ability, missed call notification, maybe text chat. Platform here is Linux, but...
  2. drmike

    Open Source Firewall / Gateway Recommendations

    Been a number of years since I last had a nice open source gateway device in place.    Used IPCOP prior and really liked it.  Was good for segmenting LAN, like throwing insecure stuff in a VLAN, wifi on another VLAN, etc. Going back to using something similar since time to segment experiments...
  3. drmike

    Python Programmer needed for Open Source Integration

    This isn't my project, but I am fielding interest. Have need for a Python programmer of some lower level of knowledge.   Ability to comprehend basic framwork and logic. Will work on forking an open source project and integrating a third party open source secondary package (via simple and...