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    OpticServers LTD goes live with owned Datacenter! Uk Based

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up we are here! for the last 6 or so months we have been planning and building a datacenter based in United Kingdom, London and we have just opened, we have enough space to put up to 10 - 15 full sized 42u racks in our datacenter (It is not a lot but more...
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    OpticServers LTD - Privately Owned Hardware - VPS Hosting - DDoS Protection - Own Datacenter - "Open

        Our Goal     Here at OpticServers, our aim is to provide you, the customer with a high quality virtual private server, useful for anything from websites, to testing development projects. With our 24/7 support on hand in the case of a hardware fault, uptime is a top priority. As a UK host, we...