1. drmike

    2016 Phone / VOIP standout services and products

    Looking to the collective wisdom here for input on phone options and VOIP companies. Needing to light up a few phones with real phone number.  VOIP is preferred.  Not interested in another cellular/wireless phone. What are gals and guys using for VOIP that is priced pleasantly and works...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    VoIP and Phone Numbers

    Hello everyone! So I have a concept/idea that I'd like to ask your guys' opinions on. Goal - Send/Receive Phone Calls - Send/Receive Texts - Work on an Android phone So my current idea is to setup an Asterisk server and get a phone number from someone like Flowroute and use the Linphone...
  3. A

    Ubuntu Edge - Ubuntu Smartphone

    There is an Indiegogo campaign right now for a Ubuntu Smartphone. The specs seems really nice and has a slick prototype design. It will be able to dual boot Ubuntu and Android. The goal is a little outrageous tho but hope something like this does make other h/w manufactures look into a Linux...
  4. drmike

    SIP compliant ATA or SIP compliant phone recommendations

    Another brain pooling. Any SIP users (phone) here? What ATAs or SIP compliant phones do you recommend?  Doesn't need to be new, expensive, etc.    Not interest in Android/cellular phones doubling as SIP client.