1. X

    WordPress error "104: Connection reset by peer"

    I am really new to hosting my websites with a VPS and relatively new to Ubuntu. Always used shared hosting plans until now. I am trying to install WordPress on my VPS running Ubuntu with LEMP and I am successful for the most part. However I get this error message.    2014/12/19 14:29:14 [error]...
  2. MannDude

    DotDeb Nginx version with Debian 7 and php5-fpm. 502 Error.

    Sigh. Well, I get to look like an idiot, but after an hour or so of Googling with no luck what-so-ever to get this resolved, I come to you. First time really messing with the dot-deb version of Nginx, so maybe it's a bit more updated. Anyhow, my install procedure is documented below. I'll also...