1. ModulesGarden

    The best-selling Proxmox modules for WHMCS now with proxy feature!

    As the buzz of excitement slowly slips away after the momentous introduction of Proxmox VE 7.0 support to our Proxmox-oriented modules, we are more than ready to announce the release of a brand-new 3.3.0 version with another shared, and not a tad less noteworthy new feature - proxy for Proxmox...
  2. RSocks - 400k+ premium and private proxies | Exclusive | Dedicated | Personal | VPN

  3. Master Bo

    VPS to run private VPN/proxy

    Looking for VPS/cloud service/dedicated server to run private VPN/proxy, criteria: a. Not blocked by Russian Internet watchdog (RKN). b. Outside CIS countries. c. Provider: 2+ years in business. d. Installing/using proxy (socks) and P2P VPN (tinc) should be explicitly allowed. The proxy will be...
  4. wlanboy

    httpoxy A CGI application vulnerability for PHP, Go, Python and others

    httpoxy is a set of vulnerabilities that affect application code running in CGI, or CGI-like environments. It comes down to a simple namespace conflict: RFC 3875 (CGI) puts the HTTP Proxy header from a request into the environment variables as HTTP_PROXY HTTP_PROXY is a popular environment...
  5. black

    Check if a user is on a vpn / proxy

    I made a tool that allows admins see how likely an IP address is a proxy/VPN IP. The system returns a probabilistic value of how likely an IP address is a proxy / VPN. This should help forum admins, online shops, etc. If you have problems with people bypassing bans / trolls / fraud prevention...
  6. HalfEatenPie

    Multiple Proxy Syndrome

    So...  This may or may not look a bit sketchy, I totally understand (and it's totally reasonable to think of it as such).   But my network right now (in Asia) is absolutely annoying internationally.  Recently (thanks to @TheLinuxBug) I've found some pretty interesting things about my own...
  7. Boltersdriveer

    [Dallas,TX] LoomHosts OpenVZ SSD High Bandwidth New Year Offer!

    Thank you for checking LoomHosts out, a Singapore-based VPS Service provider offering hosting services in Dallas, Texas. Currently, we are running a crazy 50% OFF on ALL of our VPS and web hosting services in celebration of 2014! In particular, however, is our SSD VPS pricing AND the amount of...
  8. drmike

    Lightweight proxy for Raspberry Pi

    Tinkering with my Raspberry Pi.    One of the first projects is to centralize my network outbound traffic in one spot.    Main piece there is a proxy. I tried Squid and Privoxy. Squid hits 40-60% of CPU at around 1600KB/s Privoxy hits 30-40% of CPU at around the same throughput. Config for...
  9. fahad

    What can SOCKS Proxy Do and How to Create ?

    I thought Socks Proxy Server can encrypt connections. Can it ? I tried Guess is my vps IP. ssh -f -N -D And I can connect to the proxy from my pc ! :) But when i tried Wireshark to read datas , I got all datas !!! I tried to login in a...
  10. wlanboy

    Setting up a restricted (whitelist) proxy

    Running a public proxy is quite a trouble making decision. Ok it is not as dump as posting your ssh credentials on twitter, but please read the TOS of your provider first. Your hoster does not bite - talk with him/her. Sometimes a restricted proxy can be usefull too. E.g. secure the internet...
  11. wlanboy

    Small HTTP proxy (+ SOCKS)

    Sometimes it might be usefull to have a small http proxy running for a second browser window. My favorit http proxy is "polipo". It has a small footprint of 2MB. Installation is quite easy: apt-get install polipo The config files are stored in /etc/polipo There are two config files that...