1. drmike

    FCC New Net Neutality Law Finally Released to Public

    For everyone in the same boat waiting to see what the FCC passed in their recent Net Neutrality vote, here is a PDF of it: WARNING: 400 pages in length.
  2. drmike

    Free Public DNS resolver list (public DNS servers)

    Now that Level 3 supposedly is capturing and redirecting folks to their search monetization page on failed lookups, thought it was a good time to introduce other DNS resolver / DNS server options. Opennic - Different locations all over.  Ran by members.  Many...
  3. wlanboy

    Setting up a restricted (whitelist) proxy

    Running a public proxy is quite a trouble making decision. Ok it is not as dump as posting your ssh credentials on twitter, but please read the TOS of your provider first. Your hoster does not bite - talk with him/her. Sometimes a restricted proxy can be usefull too. E.g. secure the internet...