1. wlanboy

    Easy way to enable PXE on your local network

    I am using a user friendly router at home. Great for guest wlan and even separated lans, but it is not able to add boot information on the DHCP service. But - thanks to dnsmasq - you are able to add this information without modifying your router. It is able to enrich the DHCP response...
  2. concerto49

    Is IPMI important for a Dedi?

    Would you buy a dedicated server without IPMI?   Provided that remote re-install is available and automated by customer (via PXE).   A rescue system is also available (via PXE).   Remote reboot is available (via Switched PDU or tickets free).   remote KVM is available for loan for a...
  3. drmike

    Simplest PXE boot server solutions

    Collectively brain pooling on this one. Looking for easiest/quickest PXE boot server solution. Simply, need a setup where netboot can get one of many distro options to be served by this server. Anyone have a recommendation for the simplest/quickest to setup PXE boot server?