raid 10

  1. MightWeb-Greg

    MightWeb - Pure SSD RAID10 | Windows & Linux | 20% LIFETIME DISCOUNT | Managed options available!

    MightWeb Do you have any questions about our services? Chat @ Email @ [email protected] Our Virtual Private Servers are sold out of our Chicago, Illinois location. You can find our user reviews below! Accepting PayPal, Credit Cards & BitCoin. Our looking glass...
  2. TurnkeyInternet

    TURNKEY: E5-2620 HexaCore Dedicated Server | 32 GB Ram | Raid 10 | 4 x 240 GB SSD | $152/mo

    50% Off For Life! Hurry, good for new orders placed during our promotion! These items are VERY limited inventory, prices while supplies last. Please see All Our Special Offers for all rules and Limitations. NOTE: Coupon must be used to place order, coupon details are located at...
  3. Marc M.

    Pre Black Friday Sale - SSD Cached Xen VPS - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores -

    We are excited to present our Pre Black Friday sale on! Bellow are our SSD Cached VPS packages and the coupon codes are located next to each package. For any other hosting package found on our web site you can use promo code pbf25off in order to receive a 25% discount for life...
  4. Marc M.

    SSD Cached Xen VPS Servers - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores - Up to 8GB/320GB

    We are excited to present our first offer on! Instead of offering something from our regular VPS packages, we wanted to hold out until our new Dual Xeon E5 nodes with SSD caching were ready for release. Each Dual Xeon E5 node has the following specifications: Dual Intel Xeon E5...
  5. Marc M.

    LSI Firmware Upgrade v. 5.7 released - important bug fixes

    LSI has just release an update for their MegaRaid Firmware. It is version 5.7. It contains two critical bug fixes: Bug Fixes and Enhancements: =========================== FIRMWARE: SCGCQ00454557 - Virtual drive configurations go missing during firmware upgrade from 5.3 to 5.7, while running...