1. F

    How DreamHost Builds Its Cloud

    "The beta period taught us that the requirements of a large object storage cluster and a cloud computing storage cluster were quite different. ... "The racks have two 60-amp, 3-phase, 208-volt power strips installed. To give you an idea how much power that is, we can redundantly power...
  2. concerto49

    Importance of A+B Power?

    Would anyone want this or pay more for it? It applies to dedicated servers, but also VPS that comes out of it.   Especially seeing that a power failure could possible destroy RAID cards and the data etc causing a huge mess as well.
  3. ryanarp

    [Catalyst Host] KVM Launch Promo 256MB $5/m

    As always the first thing that I want to say is "Thank you" to our clients. I know a lot of you are here and we really appreciate the opportunity to serve you. I've said this in the past, and I want to repeat myself. A goal that we all have agreed on at Catalyst is that every step we take be...