1. C

    Reliable Domain Registrar

    Please suggest a domain registrar which is reliable & secure with easy to use portal for management of domains? It does not matter whether it is cheap or expensive but must have decent support & focus on security. I am asking this question here because there are quite a few much more...
  2. drmike

    Domain Registration with Included Free Email

    Had someone ask me about domain registration and registrars that offer free email with the domain registration. Anyone using a domain registrar or reseller that offers free email account(s) with the domain?  Real email here, not simple forwarding.
  3. wlanboy

    Domain registrars and DNS server hosters

    My main domain registrar is Namecheap: The service is good. I did not need a single ticket because the live support solved my view little problems I had. The web frontend looks quite old but it is working and - after you you know where to find something - easy to use...